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The 2024 Research Workshop on Fragments, as part of Joint Workshops on Linguistics and Language Processing, is hosted by the Institute for the Study of Language and Information (KH-ISLI) at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea. The first part of this workshop took place in June 2024 in Vigo, Spain, hosted by the Language Variation and Textual Categorization group at the University of Vigo (UVigo-LVTC). The second part will be held on September 7, 2024.

This year, we will hold two workshop sessions: the first in Vigo, Spain, and the second in Seoul, Korea.

Vigo Workshop: June 22nd (Sat), 2024, 09:00-15:00, at University of Vigo, Spain ➢ Fragments2024 Program
Seoul Workshop: September 7th (Sat), 2024, at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea

This research seminar will include a co-plenary talk by Prof. Javier Pérez-Guerra and Dr. Yolanda Fernández-Pena from the LVTC research team at the University of Vigo. Especially, the workshop will focus on theoretical and formal aspects of natural language analysis, including syntax, semantics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, and their interfaces.

This workshop is jointly held with the Fragment project (MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033) of the LVTC research team.

# Program

Downloadable program (As of July 18, 2024)

# Venue

The Seoul workshop will be held online on Zoom. The link will be announced in the near future.

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